7 Best Kids Ceiling Fans For Your Child’s Bedroom

Today, it has become a trend to have children’s ceiling fans in the child’s room. Not only do they look pretty, but they keep the room airy, cool and comfortable. Given below are some pretty-looking and safe ceiling fans for your kid’s room;

1. Hunter Fan Company 52298 Discovery Ceiling Fan

Hunter kid ceiling fan

One of the best ceiling fans for your child is this Hunter fan with a Discovery World pattern. Besides the fact that Hunter is one of the best companies on the market, this ceiling fan’s features are advantageous. 

You can install this ceiling fan in three different positions, such as low, standard, or angled, according to the design of your room. The reversible motor of this ceiling fan allows you to change from a downdraft mode to an updraft mode so you can make the most out of this fan during both summer and winter. The mounting type is a semi-flush mount, and inside the package, you will find the bulbs, pull chain, light kit, motor blades, and everything you need to install this ceiling fan safely.   

2. Westinghouse Lighting 7223600 Roundabout Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

Westinghouse kids fan

This Westinghouse indoor ceiling fan is perfect for any kid’s room, and it comes with a simplistic yet exquisite design. You will love the fact that you can choose from a white set of blades or a colored set, and the light bulb in the middle of the ceiling fan will turn out to be very useful as well. 

If you want to purchase this ceiling fan, know that it will be most efficient in rooms of 100 square feet, and it is fairly easy to install it by yourself. The energy usage you can expect from this ceiling fan is 39 W if you don’t use the light and the airflow efficiency is 55 CFM/W. You can also change from summer mode to winter mode, and you will like the fact that this ceiling fan is very quiet. 

3. CHANFOK Ceiling Fan with LED Light for Kids Bedroom

Chanfok kids fan

The Chanfok ceiling fan will charm you with its attractive design more than anything else. You can find this ceiling fan in a blue version but also in a pink version, and it has a downrod mount system that you will find very easy to install. The light of this ceiling fan is eye-friendly, which makes it perfect for children of any age. You can choose between warm, medium, and cool white light as well as set up the intensity of it. 

You don’t have to worry about noise as this ceiling fan is very silent. But a great aspect about this ceiling fan is that you can control it through a remote control as well as a Bluetooth app. By using the app or the remote control, you can adjust the timer, the intensity of the light, and the speed of this ceiling fan. By following the instructions that come with this ceiling fan, you will find it very easy to install it yourself. 

4. Retractable Ceiling fan with lights and Bluetooth speaker

Retractable fan for kids room

This retractable ceiling fan has an interesting, invisible blade design that will complement any room you install it in. You can use this fan in two modes, such as natural mode and reverse mode and you can also adjust it between three speeds. Set it on low, medium, or high speed and enjoy the best airflow in your kids’ room. 

You can use the remote control to set up everything on this ceiling fan, from the speed to light intensity and music volume. The color temperature can go from 3000k to 6500k, and the soft, soothing music will help your child fall asleep in no time. We love that the blades are retractable, so they will automatically get in and out of the ceiling fan when you turn it on and off. 

The installation is fairly easy considering that the product comes assembled already. So, all you have to do is connect two wires and attach the ceiling fan to your ceiling. 

5. Craftmade Kids Ceiling Fan Boys WB348TS Tiger Shark Warplane With Light

Craftmade kids ceiling fan

This might be your best investment if you are looking for a ceiling fan for your little boy. Everything from the design to the features of this product is charming and extremely efficient. The airplane design of this ceiling fan will enrich the atmosphere in your kid’s room and make a complete fascination out of it. 

It comes with three plywood blades, and it offers you an airflow of 4138 CFM. Remember that this range of fans will not work on angled ceilings or vaulted ceilings so read the specifications carefully before installing it. This ceiling fan weighs 13.87 pounds and it is tranquil, so it will not disturb anyone in the room. 

6. KWOKING Lighting Creative Butterfly Wing Ceiling Light and Fan

Kwoking kids fan

If you want a ceiling fan that will also decorate your kid’s room, this model from Kwoking is a great option. You can choose it in blue and pink version according to your preferences and it is effortless to install thanks to its wall mount system.

The light of this ceiling fan is dimmable, which makes it very convenient as you can use it just the way you want to. You can choose between warm light, cool light as well as neutral light, as well as three different speeds for your fan. All these features and others can be adjusted through the remote control that comes with this device. The blades of this ceiling fan are stable and quiet so you will not have to worry about noise when you turn it on.  

7. IYUNXI Low Profile Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control

IYUNXI ceiling fan for kids

The last but definitely not the least ceiling fan that will go great in your kid’s room comes from Iyunxi. This enclosed ceiling fan also comes with a dimmable light and three different speeds to choose from but it also has a beautiful design that will fascinate your little one. 

Ideally, this ceiling fan will work great for a room between 108 square feet and 216 square feet and you can use it in different rooms of your house. The three-speed system of this ceiling fan offers you everything your child needs to have a good atmosphere in their room. In addition, the light is dimmable and there is a handy memory function so you will not have to set the ceiling fan up every time you use it. 

Comparison of fan CFM

Product name CFMRoom size 
Hunter Ceiling fan, Discovery model 3,050100 sq. Ft-200 sq. Ft 
Westinghouse lighting 72236003,003100 sq. Ft 
Chanfok dimmable light ceiling fan 3,025168 sq. Ft 
Retractable ceiling fan Horevo 3,005100 sq. Ft 
Craftmade kids ceiling fan 4,138100 sq. Ft- 200 sq. ft
Kwoking Butterfly ceiling fan796200 sq. Ft 
Iynxi low profile ceiling fan4266108 sq. Ft – 216 sq. Ft 
CFM comparison of popular fans for child’s room

The CFM and airflow of your ceiling fan is one of the most important features to look for in such a product. The CFM value will let you know how much airflow a ceiling fan delivers and moves around the room. According to this value, you will be able to decide if the ceiling fan is a good choice for your room. Check both the CFM and the size of the room the ceiling fan is intended for before purchasing such a device. 

Comparison of lighting

Product name Lighting features 
Hunter Ceiling fan, Discovery model-One light bulb in the middle of the fan -No extra lighting features 
Westinghouse lighting 7223600-LED Light  -Dimmable 
Chanfok dimmable light ceiling fan -LED Light  -Dimmable  -3 light tones -Different colors -Different brightness levels 
Retractable ceiling fan Horevo -Starry lights -Different colors -Different brightness levels  -Different light temperature 
Craftmade kids ceiling fan -Light bulb -No extra lighting features 
Kwoking Butterfly ceiling fan-LED light -Dimmable  
Iynxi low profile ceiling fan-Dimmable light -Different colors -Different brightness 
Comparison of lighting of best fans for kid’s room

When you invest in a ceiling fan with a lighting feature you want this light to be relaxing and adjustable according to your child’s needs. The best lighting feature is the dimmable one that allows you to choose the intensity you want. It will help you to choose the light color and temperature as well as the level of brightness so you can set the ceiling fan for the best atmosphere. 

Comparison of speed modes and controller

Product name Control mode Speeds/Modes 
Hunter Ceiling fan, Discovery modelPull chain -Downdraft-for summer days  -Updraft – for winter days 
Westinghouse lighting 7223600Switch on/off-Summer mode -Winter mode 
Chanfok dimmable light ceiling fan Remote control  Bluetooth app-Six speeds  -Timer 
Retractable ceiling fan Horevo Remote control -Three speeds  -Nature mode -Reverse mode
Craftmade kids ceiling fan Pull chain -Three speeds
Kwoking Butterfly ceiling fanRemote control -Three speeds
Iynxi low profile ceiling fanRemote control -Three speeds -Auto shut off function 

Ceiling fans in general can come with different controlling systems. Some use a pull chain, others a wall switch, and others have a remote control and even a Bluetooth app. The controlling system that you prefer, should be a subjective choice according to what works best for you. But investing in a ceiling fan with a remote control can ease your life a lot and your child will be able to control it better as well. 

Comparison of fan blades

Product name Number of blades Material 
Hunter Ceiling fan, Discovery model5Plastic, metal  
Westinghouse lighting 72236005Engineered wood 
Chanfok dimmable light ceiling fan 4Plywood 
Retractable ceiling fan Horevo 4Retractable, acrylic
Craftmade kids ceiling fan 3Plywood 
Kwoking Butterfly ceiling fan5Acrylic 
Iynxi low profile ceiling fan3Plastic

The blades of your ceiling fan are important for both aesthetic reasons as well as functional ones. You will find ceiling fans with three, four, or five blades and different patterns as well. The more blades a ceiling fan has, the slower it will be so you don’t necessarily need to invest in ceiling fans with too many blades. An advantage of ceiling fans with more than three blades is that they are quieter and move less air. (Ref: 3 blade vs 5 blade fan: which is better?)


As you can see, there are plenty of ceiling fans for kids’ room to choose from and you will not fail if you go for one of the products in this guide. Keep in mind the features you want in such a fan but also go for an attractive design that your little ones will love. A ceiling fan is a permanent device in your kids’ room and it has to be both functional and decorative. 

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