9 Best Low Profile Ceiling Fans With Lights For Any Room

This article lists the best low profile ceiling fans with lights available on the market.

Low profile ceiling fans are the best option for short rooms. Since ordinary ceiling fans use a downrod, they will take up more vertical space than a hugger aka low profile fan thus lowering the airflow in the room. But do you know that some low profile ceiling fans come with lights? Actually, there is some good demand for such fans. So I made a list of the best low profile ceiling fans with lights. Here are they;

1. Prominence Home 50860 Alvina 


  • Reversible motor
  • 5 blades
  • Frosted Opal light

Prominence brings you its Home Alvina ceiling fan that comes with a reversible motor surrounded by five beautiful blades and a pull chain for turning the thing on/off. Below that is an LED frosted light that serves as the cherry on top of the cake. This hugger ceiling fan is ideal for middle or small-sized rooms somewhere around 350 square feet. The distance between the starting point of the fan to its bottom is barely a foot, so you can rest assured it won’t hang too low even if you have short-height rooms. 

Moreover, the fan comes with five blades each having a sleek finish that would complement your furniture. Prominence has even given you two blade colors to choose from, with each blade side having a color of its own. As for the light, it’s not too bright nor too dim, just perfect for medium-sized rooms where a lamp would suffice. I must mention, however, that some of the reviews of this fan have complained about its noisy operation.

2. Honeywell 50182


  • Reversible 4-speed motor
  • 4 LED lights
  • Quick-2-Hang installation technology

Honeywell is a brand that is well-known for bringing style and ease of installation to the table. One of its low-profile ceiling fans is the 50182 brushed nickel model that comes with two different blade finishings, namely walnut and cimmeron. What truly makes this fan special is its Quick-2-hang feature that simplifies the installation process to a great extent. The three different mounting options save you both time and money. 

As far as the size is concerned, the fan is 52 inches in its cutting diameter. This is an ideal size for a fan that’s required to blow air in a medium-sized room. The fan comes with a pull chain to turn the motor on/off, and a remote that allows you to change its direction. Not to mention the four gorgeous lights that make your room glow with golden light. Though the fan itself is a visual treat, it’s not as quiet as it should be, as reported by several customer reviews.

3. Portage Bay 50251


  • Reversible motor
  • Frosted dimmable light
  • 5 blades

Portage Bay brings you its traditional styled hugger ceiling fan that comes with five blades and a frosted case LED dimmable light. This fan will cover a total of 52 inches in diameter and hangs barely a foot below your ceiling. It comes with a pull chain that allows you to turn the thing on while its power source is connected through a pre-installed electric cord.

In terms of looks, there’s nothing too special but the fan can still fit very well in a wide variety of themes. Its matte black color can go with almost any interior design. You can also go for the Siberian walnut color on the blades if you want. As for the light, it’s there just for the sake of it. The bulb included in the package can be replaced if you want more brightness. Unfortunately, this fan of Portage Bay cannot be operated by remote control.

4. Hunter Fan Aerodyne 51314


  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • Adjustable rod

Hunter is a company that has been around for a long time, so it does not disappoint. One of their best ceiling fans is the Aerodyne which gives modern fans a whole new meaning. With the Aerodyne, you get complete control of the fan through the SimpleConnect Wi-Fi technology. The fan is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit. It even comes with a remote that allows you to adjust the motor’s speed on three different levels or set the brightness of the light.

The reversible WhisperWind motor is quiet enough and built only for indoor purposes. Another noticeable feature of the Aerodyne is its adjustable rod that can be changed according to the ceiling clearance. This makes the fan not just limited to small spaces. As far as the looks are concerned, the Aerodyne comes with a basic black/silver body with five blades, nothing too visually pleasing. Though the fan is costly, it has home automation that compensates for that drawback.

5. DLLT Remote Ceiling Fan


  • 3-speed motor
  • Remote control operation
  • Starry lamp design

DLLT’s remote ceiling fan is one of the best options out there if you prefer aesthetics over performance in a ceiling fan. It comes with a beautiful and unique sky design lampshade that can brighten your room in three different themes. Thanks to the remote-control system, you can set the theme, timer, and dim the light all while sitting on your comfy couch. The fan has seven blades behind the protective grill and can be run on 3-speed levels. 

There’s no doubt that DLLT’s remote control fan brings a great deal of style to your room, but if your preference is better airflow, then this might not be the best option. The fan has seven blades that are surrounded by a frame, limiting the overall airflow you’ll get. In terms of loudness, the fan is indeed a bit noisy. In conclusion, this stylish fan can take your room’s looks from zero to ten with ease, but it’s not the best choice for folks looking for a high CFM fan.

6. Hunter Newsome Ceiling Fan


  • 3-speed reversible motor
  • LED bowl light kit
  • Pull chain

Hunter’s Newsome ceiling fan is the next on our list of best low-profile ceiling fans. It comes with a 3-speed reversible WhisperWind motor that works wonders in both summers and winters. With a size of just 42 inches, you can rest assured that this fan won’t be causing you any trouble if you have it installed in a small room. I have to say, it would be unfair to not admit that the fan is quite visually pleasing. It comes in three themes, brushed nickel, fresh white, and premier bronze.

Only two bulbs are required for the fluorescent lamp to brighten your room, and these are already included in the package. The Newsome ceiling fan also comes with a ceiling mount feature to help you with the installation. With its dimmable and energy-saving LED bulbs, you can control how much brightness you need in your room. Lastly, the fan comes equipped with a pull chain to operate the device.

7. Casa Vieja Vintage Ceiling Fan


  • 52” body
  • Vine and leaf carved design
  • Remote control system

Looking for a low-profile ceiling fan that brings a vintage vibe to your room? Look no further, because the Casa Vieja Vintage ceiling fan is the answer. Casa Vieja has been manufacturing traditional, modern, vintage, and cottage-style ceiling fans for 40 years. This particular model of theirs is a magnificent work of art. It comes with a reversible motor surrounded by a charming leaf and vine design, and at bottom of that is a light that shines with 6W dimmable LEDs.

As the dimensions suggest, the fan is designed to hug the ceiling. It extends no more than just 13.5 inches from the top, making it ideal for small or medium-sized bedrooms. The best part is that Casa Vieja did not compromise on performance for looks, since the fan comes with five blades that provide optimal airflow in the room. Furthermore, the fan comes with a remote-control system that allows you to dim the lights. The only drawback is the weight of the fan which becomes a serious hurdle during the installation procedure.

8. SMAAIR Smart Ceiling Fan


  • 10- speed reversible DC motor
  • App and remote control
  • Indoor and outdoor operation

For folks looking for a simple yet innovative ceiling fan, SMAAIR brings you a smart and modernistic solution. Built to withstand both the outdoor and indoor world, this ceiling fan comes with three durable blades. This ceiling fan can be connected to Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. Not only does this give you voice command, but the fan also comes with a remote-control system to make things easier. All you have to do is connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

It also features an LED kit that is relatively more energy-efficient and can be dimmed. You can also set the light to either a warm hue or a cold one through the remote control. SMAAIR’s smart ceiling fan has a futuristic look and comes in three different colors, white, black/gold, and light wooden. The 3 ABS blades are durable and can be operated on 10 different speed levels, which is a highly praiseworthy feature. Not to mention the fan’s quiet operation, which will keep even the lightest sleepers asleep when your turn the thing on.

9. Aviator Ceiling Fan


  • 6-speed reversible motor
  • Smart control 
  • Indoor and outdoor operation

Up next on our list of best low-profile ceiling fans is the Aviator designed for both indoor and outdoor operation. It comes with a 6-speed motor that delivers in both winters and summers. Unlike traditional fans that use AC current, this one uses a DC motor which is relatively more energy-efficient and silent in operation. Other than that, the fan has five blades to cut the air with. Unfortunately, the package does not include the LED light kit as it needs to be bought separately.

The modernistic Aviator ceiling fan comes with remote control, app control, and voice control. The traditional remote-control system allows you to operate the basic features of the device, such as setting speeds or toggling modes. The advanced app control is executed through the smartphone application that gives you additional controls. Finally, the smart control is done through voice command by Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, and even Ecobee.

Key considerations when buying a low-profile fan 

Those were some of our top picks of the best low-profile ceiling fans. If your hunt for an ideal fan still hasn’t come to an end, then don’t worry, there are still dozens of options out there to choose from. However, there are certain considerations that you should be looking out for in a low-profile ceiling fan. To make your purchase worth it, I highly recommend you keep the following things in mind when searching for a low-profile ceiling fan:

Blades must be 7 ft off the floor

Regardless of how small your room is, it is always unsafe to have the fan’s blades anywhere below the 7ft mark. When looking for a low-profile fan, always measure your room’s height to get an idea of how much clearance can you afford.

Do not compromise on features

Buying a low-profile ceiling fan never means that you’ll have to compromise on features. Most low-profile fans boast the same features as a normal fan, so there’s no reason to not go for the best.

An adjustable rod is a plus

An adjustable rod that extends or retracts can be a plus point when buying a low-profile ceiling fan. If you happen to move out into a bigger room, you won’t have to change the fan and go for one with a longer rod. Simply extend its rod and have it installed in the larger room.


Buying a low-profile fan is pretty much the same as buying a normal fan. All you have to do is look for a few things here and there. I hope our list helped you get an idea of what awaits you in the market. 

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