DUXTOP 1800 Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9100MC

The hard days of cooking are over, gone are the days of gas cooking and electric coils. Food is now cooked easily and efficiently as induction cook tops allow individuals to prepare food faster and at lower costs. It is also quite safe to use and easy to clean. The all new Duxtop 1800 Watt Portable Induction Cooktop – Model 9100MC by Secura Inc. is one of the most innovative cook tops which make cooking easier and energy efficient.

Note: – We have created a special article by reviewing the Best of Duxtop Induction Cooktop models. In this article, we have hand selected 5 best induction cooktop models from Duxtop brand and ranked them in order! A very useful article for any consumer looking to buy an induction cooktop, especially if you are interested in Duxtop brand.

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This countertop cooktop has a front panel which, unlike other cooktops, is angled. This angled front panel is a digital panel which has all the controls necessary for cooking including a countdown digital timer, making it easier to cook without having to monitor the entire process. This device is quite lightweight due to its compact size and design, which makes storing and handling the system quite simple.

The flat cooktop surface has a pattern which shows where the cookware should be placed for cooking. The angled panel contains indicators for temperature, power and timer modes. Along with a power button, there are two other buttons for increasing and decreasing mode level. A LED display is placed right at the centre of this panel to make monitoring this device easier. The base of this device has a cool air inlet at the front end, with a fan in between, followed by a hot air outlet at the rear end.

Varying power levels

The DUXTOP 9100MC portable cooktop has 15 power levels which vary from 200 watts to 1800 watts. The temperature levels also vary, the range starts from 140 degrees F and can be increased up to 450 degrees F. Temperature levels can be increased by 20 deg F till 340 deg F and then by 30 deg till 450 deg F.

The inbuilt timer on this device can be set for 170 minutes so cooking becomes trouble-free and it avoids the hassle of using an external timer or constant monitoring while food is being prepared. A digital display shows the time left for cooking to be completed. The timer can be set for both temperature and power modes. By pressing the timer mode, the cooking time can be increased or decreased in 1-minute intervals. A long hold press of the timer mode button changes the time quickly. The timer can even be set in between cooking. This device also has a warning system for high and low voltages and is equipped with a comprehensive inbuilt error diagnosis system.

Energy efficient

This innovative and energy efficient cooktop does not consume much power as cooking is done via induction technique. This DUXTOP induction cooktop is portable and has the ability to detect the size of the cookware placed on it. Heat is provided only to the area which is right under the cookware which reduces the wastage of energy to the surroundings and so it spends only less energy to reach the specified temperature. This makes the device highly energy efficient. In addition, induction cooktops start working only when a cookware is detected, this saves energy as well as reduce the risks of burning.

This device turns off automatically after 60 seconds if no cookware is placed on it or it is not being operated to perform any function. Wiping with a soft damp cloth is all it takes to clean this induction cooktop.

Features and Specifications

  • 15 varying power levels in the range 1800W to 200W
  • 8″ diameter of heating element. An induction compatible cookware with a maximum diameter of 8″ will get the heat distributed correctly beneath the cookware base.
  • Temperature range also has fifteen varying levels starting from 140 degrees F to 450 degrees F.
  • Compact, light weight design enhances storage ability and makes it straightforward to handle with the angled digital control panel. Count-down inbuilt timer for a range of 170 minutes.
  • Diagnostic error message system.
  • Automatic detection of the presence of pan.
  • Warning system for low and high voltages.
  • Compatible with all types of cookware like cast iron, stainless steel with a magnetic bottom or iron and steel enameled cast aluminum cookware.

DUXTOP 9100MC Cooktop – Specs:

Model DUXTOP Secura 9100MC
Dimensions (LxBxH)14 x 11.4 x 2.5 (Inches)
Weight6 Pounds
Shipping Weight7.4 Pounds
Power Ratings1800 Watts
Voltage Ratings120 V/60 Hz AC - 15 Amperes
Timer Mode170 Minutes @ 1 Minute Interval
Temperature Mode1 to 15 Levels
140 Deg F to 460 Deg F
Cooktop SurfaceCeramic Glass
Power Mode1 to 15 Power Levels
200W to 1800W
Cookware Base Diameter4" (min) to 8.5" (max)
Power Cord Length6 Feet
Warranty1 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
CertificationsETL Approved
PricingCheck Today's Price

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 350 customer reviews of this amazing innovative, energy efficient DUXTOP induction cooktop on Amazon. Most of the customers are happy with the purchase they have made as this device has varying power levels which can accommodate diverse cooking requirements making it an ideal purchase for every home. The temperatures can also be adjusted according to cooking needs.

The system automatically informs about errors and voltage fluctuations making it highly useful. If voltage ups and downs are creating a problem for this device, users are warned to take necessary precautionary measures required for well being of the system. The timer allows this machine to be turned off as soon as cooking is completed even when users are not around which makes multitasking easier. The light weight and compact design make storage easy even in a congested kitchen. DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 9100MC can be placed anywhere as the 6-foot cord allows it to be moved around.

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Some customers claim that there are no appropriate levels for deep frying using the product, however, the specified levels make up for all other forms of cooking. Another con of this product is that it might not be the ideal choice for heating at low temperatures while cooking within the specified range of temperatures is fairly simple and fast.


The device is, on the whole, a quality unit with a wide range of temperature and power and a wide array of features. This device is sufficient for homes with medium pan sizes and with a moderate price, is the ideal choice for several households.

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