Will Calphalon Cookware Work With Induction Cooktop?

If you’re considering replacing your electric cooktop with an induction cooktop you might be wondering whether your current Calphalon cookware would work with an induction cooktop. 

Except for the Calphalon Unison series, you can safely use most of the other Calphalon cookware products which are made with magnetic-based material. The Unison series doesn’t have magnetic-based material and thus will not work with induction cooking.

In this article, we’ll briefly look at;

  • why an induction cooktop needs special cookware, 
  • what type of cookware will work with induction cooking, 
  • why Calphalon is so popular, and 
  • provide a list of Calphalon products that are definitely induction-safe.  

Why does your induction cooktop need special cookware?

When you use an electric or gas cooktop you can virtually use any cookware. However, your induction cooktop needs a specific type of cookware to work because it uses electric currents to directly heat your pots and pans through magnetic induction. 

General types of cookware which will work with your induction cooktop

Your induction cooktop will only work if you use pots and pans that contain ferrous metal in the base. Thus, for your cookware to work with an induction cooktop it must be made of a magnetic-based material. 

If your cookware is made of black metal or iron, like cast iron, it will work on your induction cooking surface. Stainless steel cookware with a magnetic grade base will also allow your induction cooktop to work.  

The rule of thumb to determine whether a pot or pan will work with your induction cooktop is to try to stick a magnet to the cookware. If it doesn’t stick, the pot or pan is most probably not suitable for induction cooking. 

Calphalon cookware

Reasons for Calphalon cookware’s popularity

Calphalon is a durable cookware and features a 2-layer or 3-layer non-stick coating which makes the coating last longer. Its thick walls also make the cookware virtually dent-proof. So, if you’ve preferred Calphalon cookware when you’ve had your electric cooktop, you’ll probably want to use their cookware also on your induction cooktop. The question is whether it is possible or not. 

There are different types of Calphalon cookware. Among them, the cookwares belonging to the category ‘Calphalon Unison’ don’t work on an induction cooktop.

List of Calphalon products that will work with your induction cooktop

The following Calphalon products will work with your induction cooktop:

Calphalon Product/SeriesNotes
Tri-Ply Fry Pan SetYou can use any of the cookware which is part of the Calphalon Tri-Ply Fry Pan Set on your induction cooktop. The “tri-ply” means the pan has three metal layers for easy heat conduction and distribution. The Calphalon Tri-Ply Fry Pan Set is ideal for your induction cooking.
Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 12″ Fry Pan
Perhaps you were used to preparing flavor-rich food in your Calphalon Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron 12” Fry Pan on your old electric cooktop, and now you wonder whether you will be able to use it on your induction cooktop as well. The good news is that the texture of this Calphalon pan makes it also ideal to use on your new cooktop. 
Premier Stainless Steel 11-Piece Cookware Set
If you prefer aluminum cookware, the Premier Stainless-Steel Cookware Set will be ideal for you. You can safely use any of the cookware in this set on your induction cooktop as all the pieces have a heavy-gauge aluminum core.  It allows even and quick heat distribution when used on your induction cooktop. 
Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 13-Piece Cookware Set
Like the Premier Stainless Steel 11-Piece Set, you can safely use any piece of this set on your induction cooktop. All the pieces have  a heavy-gauge aluminum core 
Premier Stainless Steel 3.5-Quart Pour and Strain Sauce PanThese Calphalon pieces are all induction-friendly and you can safely use them on your induction cooktop.
Classic Stainless Steel Nonstick 8″ & 10″ Fry Pan Set These Calphalon pieces are all induction-friendly and you can safely use them on your induction cooktop.
List of Calphalon products that will work with induction cooktop


Except for one series of Calphalon cookware, namely the Calphalon Unison products, you can safely use Calphalon cookware with your induction cooktop.

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