Can Le-Creuset Cookware Be Used On Induction Cooktops?

Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a house with an installed induction cooktop in the kitchen and you are now in the process of acquiring new cookware for your new home. You would like to purchase Le-Creuset pots and pans but you wonder whether Le-Creuset cookware can be used on your induction cooktop.

Yes, most of Le-Creuset’s cookware can be used on an induction cooktop because hidden within the ceramic layer of the cookware is an iron pan. As this internal pan is made of iron, it allows ferromagnetic ions to pass through thus easily heating it up. 

In this article, we’ll briefly discuss how an induction cooktop work and what the benefits are, find out why Le-Creuset cookware is so popular, and then provide tips on how to use Le-Creuset on your induction cooktop. 

How does an induction cooktop work?

In simple terms, an induction cooktop has a copper coil beneath the cooktop’s surface and when an alternating current is passed to the copper coil it generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field then passes inside the ferromagnetic base of the cookware where it causes resistive currents.

These currents are responsible for heating the cookware and cooking the food. The heat is not located in the copper coil or the cooktop’s surface, but in the cookware which then cooks the food. 

What type of cookware is needed for induction cooking?

Because a magnetic field passes inside the ferromagnetic base of the induction cookware, the cookware must be magnetic and made of iron or magnetic steel to receive the magnetic current.

If the cookware is not made of iron or special steel, the bottom of the pot or pan can be “modified” by the manufacturer to make it induction-friendly.  Most of Le-Creuset’s cookware has a hidden pan within the ceramic layer. It is made of iron and allows ferromagnetic ions to pass through the base of the pan to heat it up.

However, Le-Creuset cookware originally purchased in the previous century might not be equipped with this iron pan and are thus not usable on your induction cooktop. 

If you’re not sure whether your Le-Creuset pot or pan has the hidden pan built into the product, you can test the bottom of the product. To test, put a magnet on the bottom of the pot and if it sticks, you can use the pot on your induction cooktop. 

Why is Le-Creuset cookware so popular?

Whether you have Le-Creuset cookware yourself or not, you have to agree that it is beautiful cookware. And it can be used in either a traditional or hyper-modern kitchen. It has a hygienic enamel layer that serves as a sealant and keeps the cookware virtually scraping-free. 

One other reason for its popularity is that the cookware comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is the reason why many households still use Le-Creuset cookware that has been purchased by a previous generation. 

The company started in 1925 and there are still households using Le-Creuset cookware manufactured in the early 1900s.   

Tips on how to use Le-Creuset cookware on an Induction Stove

Use flat-bottomed pans

You will get the best result when you’re cooking with your Le-Creuset cookware on your induction cooktop if you use flat-bottomed pans. It is also good to wash the base of the pan before using it on your induction cooktop. By washing the base you remove all old oil and residue to prevent scratching the glass cooktop.

Match the pan’s diameter with the markings on your induction cooktop  

You must always remember that the cooktop will only work if a pot or pan is detected by the induction. If you use a pot or pan with a very small diameter, it is possible that it will not be picked up and the cooktop will not work.  Always match the diameter of the Le Creuset Pan with the diameter of the markings on the induction cooktop.

If you use a pot or pan with a too large diameter, it can lead to uneven heat distribution because of a weaker magnetic field.

Use medium temperatures

Place the pan or pot on the cooktop and switch it on. As very high temperatures can cause some of the pan’s enamel to melt, keep your temperatures on medium.  

Do not slide the pot or pan on the induction cooktop

As the surface of the cooktop is made from glass it can scratch easily. So, don’t slide your Le-Creuset cookware over the cooktop. If you are used to mixing ingredients by shaking your pans, don’t do it when you are cooking on the induction cooktop. You can easily scratch the glass’s top and when you take to pan off the induction, the power might switch off automatically.   

The Le-Creuset pans are quite heavy, so be careful and always gently lift them and place them to prevent the cooktop from scratching. 


Although there might be some Le-Creuset products that are not induction-friendly, most of this brand’s products can be used on your induction cooktop. The iron composition in their bases guarantees magnetic cooking compatibility.

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