5 Best Whole House Fans to Buy

A whole house fan is an exhaust fan used to vent the air inside the entire house to the attic. But depending on your house’s architecture, it can be installed directly on the roof as well.

There are different types of whole house fans; there are three of them that you should consider:

  1. Ceiling-mounted whole house fans– These ones are usually installed in the ceiling area that separates your house from the attic, in case there is an attic.
  2. Ducted whole house fans– These fans can be set up away from the ceiling and they are known for exhausting heat from more than one room. Also, they tend to be less noisy than other whole house fans
  3. Rooftop whole house fans– If your house has no attic, the Rooftop whole house fan is your best choice.

Best Whole House Fans

Here are my reviews of the best rated whole house fans;

1. Cool Attic CX242DDWT – Best Direct Drive 24 inch Whole House Fan

This belt driven whole house fan is suitable for buildings with 1,800 sq. ft. attics. Besides the fact that the 24 inches fan will offer you the temperature that you want, it is also going to reduce your electricity bill. Cool Attic CX242DDWT is made to be silent and efficient without disturbing the atmosphere in your home. When you install it, consider that this fan requires an 8-10 sq. ft. of net free exhaust vent area for optimum performance.

A great feature of this whole house fan is that the CFM can be adjusted from 3200 to 4600 according to the size of the space that needs to be cooled. There is a High/low/off wall switch included in the package. This fan is made in the USA and comes with a 10-year warranty which makes it a reliable product.

2. QuietCool QC CL-1500 – The Quietest Whole House Fan

QuietCool comes with a high-quality whole house fan that can satisfy a lot of buyers’ needs. With 1472 CFM, this fan can be duct in the attic in order to reduce any unnecessary noise. While using this fan you can be sure that there will be no heat or cooling waste between the house and the attic. 

Easy to install and maintain, the QuietCool is able to cover spaces of 740 sq. ft. You can use this product for many years without any additional investments.

The item has a weight of 36. 0 pounds and it requires 117 watts and 120 volts. QuietCool has a noise level of 43 decibels and the manufacturer offers 10 years of warranty. Even if the price of this product is not in the cheapest range, it is definitely a great investment for your home and a way to save money on your electricity bill.

3. Tamarack Technologies HV1000 R50 Ductless Whole House Fan with R50 Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) Doors

Tamarack offers an HV1000 R50 whole house fan that can cover a surface of 1500 sq. ft. If you are not using this fan all the time, you will appreciate the R50 insulated doors that mechanically close and protect the fan when not it is not on. This will prolong its lifespan and it will also ease your job in terms of maintenance.

The power of the fan is 1150 CFM and it comes in the following dimensions: Grille Width: 15.75″ Grille Length: 25.75″ Length: 22.5″ Width: 14.25″ Height: 27″.

For proper functioning, the Tamarack whole house fan needs 70 watts and 115 volts and has an amperage of 0.65.

With a weight of 25 pounds, this fan can be installed easily on the wall or ceiling and requires a low level of maintenance along the years. This product comes with 3 years of warranty that can be extended if the buyer requests that from the manufacturer.

4. Air Vent Inc. 24″ Whole House Fan 54301 Attic & Whole House Fans

This 24 inches attic and whole house fan can be a great addition to your household. It is made in China and comes at an affordable price while still offering high-quality results. It is made to last and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. 

The air flow capacity is 4500 CFM and has a weight of 37 pounds. Air vent whole house fan has the dimensions of 31.2 x 10.5 x 30.8 inches.

You can successfully use this product in spaces of 1500 sq. ft. and enjoy the cool air that you like. This fan comes with a 5-year limited warranty and all parts that are broken need to be returned to the manufacturer. If you find yourself in the need to prolong the warranty, you can do so by contacting the manufacturer who will make you an offer according to your needs.

5. TPI BD302WHS 30 inch Belt Drive Whole House Fan

If you are looking for a whole house fan to last a long time and offer a high quality, this TPI BD302WHS is a great option to consider. It also comes with shutters that conveniently open and close the fan when it is on and off. TPI is a fan that can be easily carried from one place to another.

The cleaning and maintenance of this product are fairly easy so you don’t have to worry about it. Since it is a belt drive kind of fan, TPI is fairly silent and easy to install so you will not be disturbed by any background noise while you enjoy your favorite temperature.

With a size of 30 inches, this one is easily adaptable to multiple spaces and rooms. It requires 120 volts and 6.9 amps while it has a maximum power of 0.33 horsepower. This whole house fan comes with a warranty of 12 months.

Things to look for when buying a whole house fan

If you never bought a whole house fan, you should know what to look for in the process of getting one. Getting the right whole house fan for your needs can bring you plenty of benefits so it is definitely worth the time to get informed. And to ease your job even more here are the main aspects to consider when you are shopping for one of these fans!

  1. The size of the whole house fan
    When you purchase a whole house fan, it is important to get one that comes in the right size for your needs. Most of these fans come in the following diameters: 24 inches, 30 inches, and 36 inches. Usually, bigger fans consume less energy and this might be a significant plus for you. They run at a lower speed which also makes them less noisy.
  2. CFM output
    CFM (cubic feet per minute) is the common system used to rate whole house fans and it refers to the amount of air they can draw in a minute. The bigger the fan the more will be its CFM. So if you live in a big house, look for a big fan. If you are not sure what CFM you need for your fan, all you need to do is know the overall square footage of your house and multiply it by 3. If your house is 1000 square feet, you will need a 3000 CFM fan.
  3. Installation
    Installing the fan is usually fairly simple. You can get a direct drive model if you want to install it easily and without needing to cut any attic joists. However, the belt drive ones might require a little more effort and skill, but they work smoother and make less noise.
  4. Noise
    Speaking of noise, this is a very important aspect when you are shopping for a whole house fan. If you end up with a loud fan, you will not be able to enjoy it at all and the joy of having a nice temperature in your house will be disturbed by annoying background noise. Check out the manufacturer’s description before purchasing such a fan because if they created a silent product, you can be sure they will specify that.
  5. Power consumption
    Remember that a whole house fan should not consume a lot of power. A good whole house fan is made to consume only a quarter of the energy that would be used by an air conditioner. Most of these fans have a motor of 1⁄4 to 3⁄4 horsepower (0.19 to 0.56 kW). They use around 190 to 560 watts of electric power at high speed. All these specifications are usually included in the product description.
  6. Warranty
    High-quality fans are generally accompanied by generous warranties. The best ones come with a 10-year warranty so make sure to check this before purchasing the product. However, you can still find whole house fans that come with 3 years or 5 years of warranty and they are a great choice as well. Make sure to read the description of the products carefully and don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer should you have any additional questions.

3 reasons why you should use whole-house fans

Naturally, you are considering purchasing one of these whole house fans thanks to their benefits. But you get to enjoy all these benefits only if you find the right product for your needs. And here is how exactly a high-quality fan can improve your life if you decide to give it a chance!

  • They are cheaper than other cooling systems. By using such a system you should spend less money on your electricity. Also, there is no need for an air conditioning system if you have a whole house fan.
  • Easy to install and long lifespan. These fans can be easily installed by anyone without being a specialist in the matter. They are also meant to last for at least 10 years so it is not a constant investment.
  • They cool and ventilate your home as you need. You will be able to enjoy the temperature that you are comfortable with all the time without having to deal with settings and too many adjustments. If your whole house fan is correctly installed, you can even forget about it for years.

Hopefully, this shopping guide will lead you toward the best whole house fan that you can get for your house and needs. Keep in mind that such a cooling system should cost you less money in the long run and save you a lot of electricity. If you are not sure about getting one, checking out the reviews of others who gave it a try is always useful. But overall, a whole house fan can change the atmosphere in your house and bring your favorite temperature right where you need it! Live a more comfortable life with fewer costs and complications by getting one of the best whole house fans on the market!

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