True Induction S2F3 Counter Inset Double Burner Induction Cooktop, 120V, Black

A Very Cool Induction Burner That Works Excellent!

Induction cooktops are getting more and more popular each day. They are more convenient and energy efficient than conventional cooking units. They use ‘electromagnetic induction’ based technology to produce heat. In the case of an average stove top, the burner generate heat in all directions thereby wasting some of the heat energy. On the other hand induction cookers produce a magnetic circuit with ferromagnetic cookware causing the cookware to produce heat inside of it. It keeps all the heat concentration in the utensil rather than the air around it. This concentration of heat allow to cook the food very fast while consuming less energy. It saves your time as well as money.

Since electromagnetic induction priciple is used, not all cookwares are compatible with induction cooktops. All cookwares whose base is made of ferrous materials can be considered induction compatible.

‘True Induction’ is a popular brand in the United Stated and they manufacture top quality induction cooktops. Because of their dependability and ease of usage, ‘True Induction’ is used as the OEM for many additional brands. One of the greatest well known is Winnebago. Winnebago uses the model dual burner induction cooktop in all of their Electric Coach Package.

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Apart from this model, True Induction has other double burner variants like the S2F2 and MD-2B models. They have some best selling models in the three burner category like the TI-3B model, and the TI-1B model in the single burner category. Select the right model after going through these links.

S2F3 Induction Cooktop by True Induction


This is an ‘inset’ counter-top cooktop; you can actually install it in your counter-top. This makes it look more like apart of the counter-top itself. But definitely this is portable and you can place it anywhere you like in the kitchen.  It is 3 inches thick with a length of 24.5″ and a width of 15″. It has a wattage of 1800 and operates at 120V. It has two burners fit for pans with bottom diameters ranging from 4.5″ to 10 inches. Its surface is mode of high quality ceramic glass that is scratch and high temperature resistant. It is operated by touch controls. Since it has no physical buttons or crevices it is totally flat and is easy to clean. Colored black it is one of the most modern looking induction cooktops.

Power Variance Technology

True Induction S2F3 cooktop uses power variance technology. It is a dual burner cooktop with a maximum power level of 1800W. But when both the burners are used simultaneously this power is divided between them. For example if you operate burner one at level 7 you can simultaneously operate burner 2 only at a maximum level of 3. On the other hand if you use a single burner it can be operated at full power. This power variance technology helps you to cook faster and at a lower cost than most other dual burner induction cooktops.

Wide range of temperature and power levels

True Induction S2F3 cooktop can produce temperatures ranging from 150-450 degree Fahrenheit. The default temperature setting is 270 degree Fahrenheit. This temperature can be varied at intervals of 30 degrees by using the +/- temperature setting buttons. It also has 10 levels of power settings with level 5 as default.

Inbuilt Timer

This induction cooktop has an in-built timer where you can set cooking time in increments of 5 minutes until the maximum limit of 150 minutes is reached. This is very helpful while cooking dishes that has timing instructions. And you can cook without having to monitor the entire process.

More Features

  • Maximum power level – 1800W
  • 10 Power Levels that is you can choose the power level from 1 to 10.
  • Ceramic glass top which can hold upto 35lbs of weight
  • Can be used with a standard 110V outlet.
  • Child lock safety feature

What You Will Like

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Easy to use touch buttons with key stroke tones
  • Dual burners
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Energy efficient and fast

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Some people find the sound of cooling fans a bit annoying. But if used as an inset cooktop this won’t be a problem.

Customers Reviews

This product has received more than 30 reviews till date on Out of this 90% of the buyers give it 4+ star rating. Most people greatly praise the flat, aesthetic design of this inset counter-top cooktop. The ceramic top makes cleaning easier. It takes only 90 seconds to boil a pot of water. And moreover it looks great in the kitchen.


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