Can Outdoor Ceiling Fans Get Wet?

Short answer: YES! Outdoor ceiling fans can get wet. Their motor casings are perfectly sealed to prevent the entry of water, and their blades are made of weather-resistant materials like plastic.

The next question that should come to your mind is, how wet can they get? Will they work even after getting wet? 

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor ceiling fans are sold in the market with different ratings such as wet and damp. Damp-rated ceiling fans can withstand light wet conditions like dew, mist, and condensation, and the motor should work without any trouble. But, this type of outdoor ceiling fan is not suitable for withstanding heavy wet conditions like heavy rain, driving rain, and even moderate rainy conditions.

An outdoor ceiling fan
An outdoor ceiling fan

How wet can they get?

If you are looking for an outdoor ceiling fan to be placed in a location that is prone to moderate to heavy rain, then you should consider buying a wet-rated outdoor ceiling fan because they are designed to tackle exposure to moderate, driving, and heavy rains.

If you want the wet-rated ceiling fan to withstand even gushing heavy winds, then you need to use a flush mount installation. The use of a low-profile wet-rated ceiling fan or a hugger is highly recommended. To withstand gushing wind conditions, a locking downrod mount assembly should be used to keep the fan in place and ensure that it does not get blown away.

Can you secure your outdoor ceiling fan?

Wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans can handle heavy rains but it is very important to secure them so that they stay in one place and do not damage the property or people. A locking downrod assembly is the most preferred installation mount if you are expecting gushing winds during certain months of the year. As mentioned earlier, a low-profile or hugger or flush mount installation should also do the trick for you.

Does the size of the fan cause it to wet more?

YES, it does! If you have installed an inappropriate size outdoor ceiling fan, you are bound to experience wetting more. A wet-rated outdoor ceiling fan should be perfect for pergolas, verandas, and decks. The size of your patio matters the most. Let us give you the diameter measurements of the ceiling fans that are appropriate for specific patio sizes below:

  • For decks that are 75 square feet in area, a 29 to 36 inches diameter fan should do.
  • For decks that are 76 to 144 square feet in area, a 36 to 42 inches diameter fan should do.
  • For decks that are 144 to 225 square feet in area, a 44 inches diameter fan should do.
  • For decks that are 225 to 400 square feet in area, a 50 to 54 inches diameter fan should do.


Outdoor wet-rated ceiling fans are safe to be used on heavy rain and heavy wind outdoor decks, verandas, and pergolas. A wet-rated ceiling fan is designed using galvanized steel and corrosion-resistant components. The powder-coated finish and the weatherproof motor seal also help the fan withstand moisture and heavy rainfall. 

The ABS plastic blades are also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Finding the right outdoor-rated ceiling fan should provide you cool breeze and protection. You no longer have to worry about the wind, wetness, and weather.

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