How to Measure a Range Hood Filter (Easy Steps)

You have to replace your range hood’s filter, but your dealer now requires the dimensions of your current filter. According to them, this information is needed to ensure that they provide you with the right size filter.  You are now not sure what to measure and how to do it. 

To determine the size of a filter, you have to provide the dealer with the width, length, and depth of the filter. However, the measuring has to be done in a specific way and the dimensions provided in an internationally accepted format. But if you adhere to the “rules,” it is an easy procedure and will ensure that you receive the right size filter.

In this article, I’ll explain these “rules” and show you how easy it is to measure your current filter and in what format you have to give the dealer the dimensions. The FAQs at the end of the article will most probably answer some of your relevant questions regarding the replacement of range hood filters. 

Remove the filter from the range hood to measure it

To enable you to provide the dimensions for the new filter you want to purchase, you first have to measure your current filter.  And to measure the current filter, you have to take it out of the hood. 

Usually, you only have to follow 3 easy steps to remove your old range hood filter from the hood. You 

  1. lift the back of the filter, 
  2. then slide/push the filter to the back of the hood, 
  3. tilt the front edge downward, and simultaneously lift the filter out of the hood.

It is recommended that you always work with kitchen gloves when you remove and measure the old filter because the filter can be very greasy – that is the reason why you want to replace it!

How to measure the filter

To determine the dimensions of your filter, use a measuring tape. When measuring the filter, the first internationally accepted “rule” you have to follow is to always get the vertical dimensions (in other words, the height of the filter) first and then the horizontal (width) dimensions.  

To measure, put the filter on a flat surface and ensure that you measure from outside the frame on one side to the outside of the frame on the other side. You don’t need “inside” dimensions.

When you’ve measured the height and the width, measure the depth of the filter – also from the outside of the frame.

How to measure a range hood filter

What to do when you don’t have a current filter to measure

It is possible that you currently don’t have a filter in the range hood. You might have removed it at an earlier stage and thrown it away or you are moving into a house where the previous occupants have removed the filter. The easiest way to determine the dimensions of a filter that will fit your home’s range hood is to make a “dummy” to measure.

To make the dummy, measure the front opening of the hood where the filter will go in. Cut a piece of cardboard the same width and when you’re sure it is exactly the same width as the opening, trim it a little bit so that when you put it into the filter space, a somewhat “wiggling” movement is possible. Then put it into the filter space and mark where you have to cut it at the front to let it fit completely. 

Take the cardboard out of the hood, cut it, put it back and if necessary, trim it to make the small wiggling movement possible to all sides. 

How to determine and provide the dimensions for the new filter to the dealer

The order of the dimensions given  

The specific order in which the dimensions are provided to the dealer is one of the “rules” accepted worldwide. It is always Length X Width X Depth (L X W X D).

Another accepted “rule” in the United States is that filters are always ordered or purchased according to dimensions in inches. Therefore an indication of “inch” is never given. You will order your filter with the dimensions 12 x 16 x 1 7/8.  (It is customary that the depth of ranch hood filters is 1 7/8 inch.) 

Dimensions are rounded-off

It is customary that the length and width are always given in rounded-off inches. Thus, if you need to replace a filter that measures 9 ½” x 15 ½ ” you round it off to the following ½ inch and purchase a 10 X 16 filter.

“Normal” filter sizes

Usually, it is possible to purchase a “normal” size filter. For your convenience, I’ve prepared a table with most of the commonly available filter sizes. (All dimensions are in inches)

Measured HeightMeasured WidthOrdered HeightOrdered Width“Normal” DepthOrder: Height  x Width  X Depth
9 ½15 ½10161 7/810 x 16 x 1 7/8
9 ½19 ½10201 7/810 x 20  x 1 7/8
11 ½15 ½12161 7/812 x 16 x 1 7/8
11 ½19 ½12201 7/812 x 20 x 1 7/8
11 ½23 ½12241 7/812 x 24 x 1 7/8
15 ½15 ½16161 7/816 x 16 x 1 7/8
15 ½19 ½16201 7/816 x 20 x 1 7/8
15 ½24 ½16251 7/816 x 25 x 1 7/8
20 ½9 ½20101 7/820 x 10 x 1 7/8
20 ½15 ½20161 7/820 x 16 x 1 7/8
20 ½19 ½20201 7/820 x 20 x 1 7/8
20 ½24 ½20251 7/820 x 25 x 1 7/8
24 ½15 ½25161 7/825 x 16 x 1 7/8
24 ½19 ½25201 7/825 x 20 x 1 7/8
Range hood filter sizes in inches

However, your range hood might be a custom-made hood using a filter size that is not normally available. Most filter manufacturers will be able to provide you with a specially-made filter. To provide them with the dimensions for your special filter, you follow the same procedures and “rules” as described earlier in this article.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when can I see that my range hood filter has to be replaced?

Whenever you clean the filter, check for dents, corrosion, or any other damage that you can see.  If you spot anything, the best is to replace the filter.

Why must there always be a filter in my range hood?

If you use a range hood without a filter, the grease particles from your food will not be trapped and your kitchen and home will have unpleasant odors when you cook.   

What is the lifespan of a range hood filter? 

It is normally necessary to replace mesh filters every 1 to 2 years, and carbon filters every 3 to 4 months.


Nowadays, most kitchens are equipped with a range hood and when the filter is not effective anymore the unpleasant odors are urgent reminders that the filter has to be replaced. The easiest way to ensure that you purchase the right size filter is to remove the current one and measure it. I hope this article will assist you with the measuring procedure – especially if it is the first time you have to do it.

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